Get view-through attribution with marketing mix modelling

Remove the headache from marketing reporting and incorporate sophisticated statistical modelling into your marketing data with marketing mix modelling. 

Uncover the perfect balance of marketing activity and yield better results for your budget.
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What is marketing mix modelling?

Marketing mix modelling, or MMM, is the application of statistical modelling to show how marketing influences changes in sales results. It breaks down these numbers by marketing channel, allowing you to identify which is having the most significant impact on your return on investment.
Find your optimum marketing mix. 


With MMM in play, you can quickly identify what is and isn’t working.

Using statistical insights, you can be transparent about the effectiveness of your marketing activity and what you need to improve your bottom line.


With marketing mix modelling, you can understand individual marketing channel impact from a revenue perspective.

Instead of battling just to understand the ROI of marketing as a whole, you can get deeper insights into which channel is performing best and how to best tweak your marketing strategy. 


Marketing mix modelling doesn’t just present you with data, it also helps you understand what changes to make to improve performance.

With MMM insights at hand, you can make adjustments to budgets and priorities to make sure you’re working smarter, not harder on the channels that matter.

How it works...

Ruler Analytics offers marketing mix modelling as part of its bespoke package. This feature is in beta so please speak to our sales team to learn more. 

Our marketing mix modelling solution aims to give you view-through attribution on an impression level. This means you can link no-click activity to your sales. This machine learning, AI-based solution can help you truly track every touchpoint from start to end. 
Track invisible touches with MMM
Remove the ghosts from your marketing reports. Impression level attribution allows you to truly track the untrackable.